What are PDO Treatments?

PDO threads are a type of dissolvable surgical suture (just like if you’ve ever had stitches on a cut); we use these threads as a type of “solid filler” (as opposed to the injectable Hyaluronic Acid gel fillers) as well as perform a non-surgical facelift. Smooth PDO threads induce collagen production and can result in increased firmness and elasticity of the skin in the treated area. They can also be used to improve scars, fine line and wrinkles, crepey and loose skin. PDO lifting threads are used to lift and smooth sagging skin, nasolabial folds, oral commissures (or frowning at the corners of the mouth), sagging jowls, heaviness in the cheeks, as well as define your jawline.


The price of PDO threads is dependent on the area being treated and the type of threads used.

  • PDO smooth threads SMALL AREA: $250. This includes areas such as the glabella, each crow’s feet, small scars, chin, and outlining the lips.

  • PDO smooth threads LARGE AREA: $300. This includes areas such as large scars and forehead. $475 for large symmetrical areas, such as both cheeks or both under eyes.

  • PDO lifting threads: $850. Pricing ranges with how many lifting threads you may need for the nonsurgical facelift. To define the jaw line, $450.

To make everything much more comfortable and a lot less painful, numbing agents are used for PDO thread treatments. For smooth PDO threads, a strong topical lidocaine based cream known as BLT is first applied to your skin prior to treatment. For lifting PDO threads, lidocaine injections will be used throughout the procedure.

Anytime you use needles during a treatment, bruising will be a risk. The smooth PDO threads are less invasive than the lifting threads, and therefore less risk of bruising. PDO lifting threads are more invasive, and although it is very dependent on each individual person, you should expect some bruising. You can also decrease your risk of bruising:

When you first arrive, we will discuss expectations and review consents/intake forms. Then, BLT cream is applied to all treatment sites for smooth PDO threads. For lifting PDO threads, treatment sites will be mapped out with a white eye liner. Lidocaine will be injected throughout the treatment to ensure you’re comfortable during the entire procedure. You’ll receive aftercare instructions at the end of your procedure.

When you first arrive, we will discuss expectations and review consents/intake forms. We will then proceed to cleanse the area to be treated very well. We then prep the skin with an acetone to prepare for the best penetration of the peel. The peel is then applied. The entire appointment may take about 20 minutes.

Both smooth and lifting PDO threads completely dissolve at 6 months after being placed. During the 6 months while they are dissolving they will be inducing your own collagen production which will slowly degrade over time, just as your natural collagen does with age.

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