Medical Weight Loss Program

Monthly Membership

Initial One Hour Consultation: The initial consultation includes a complete history and physical. In addition, we will go through each lab one by one with you so you understand where you stand with your health. We will discuss nutritional and exercise options. We will also go over prescrioption medications that will assist in your weight loss journey.

$425 Initial consult once

Initial cost also includes: Unlimited visits and consultations, 1st month of Semaglutide + B12 injections, and initial blood work evaluation.
Semaglutide + B12 : If you qualify and wish to proceed with Semaglutide+B12 therapy (if you are medically cleared), you will have weekly injections and have follow up visits scheduled every 4-12 weeks depending on your progress.

$350 monthly

Monthly recurring cost includes: Unlimited visits and consultations, weekly Semaglutide+B12 injections, other prescription medications and vitamins as needed, and repeat blood work evaluations as needed.
Monthly Membership: An automatic debit from a card saved on file will be mandatory. You will be able to cancel your membership after 3 months, as needed. Your prescriptions will be sent to your home for self-administration, automatically, monthly after every debit.
5% off for 3 months, 7.5% off for 6 months and 10% off for 12 months
Semaglutide+B12 Injections: If you wish to self-administer your injections at home, there is no additional cost involved. This option is for those that do not want to report to the clinic every week and are comfortable with drawing up their own medications and self-injecting. Shipping is included.
            Dosage schedule:
            Week 1-4: Inject 0.25mg subcutaneously (SQ) once weekly
            Week 5-8: Inject 0.5mg SQ once weekly
            Week 9-12: Inject 1mg SQ once weekly
            Week 13-16: Inject 1.7mg SQ once weekly
            Week 17 and beyond: Inject 2.4mg SQ once weekly
B12: Vitamin B-12 helps maintain good health and has been shown to be beneficial in helping to reduce stress and fatigue, improve memory and cardiovascular health, and maintain a good body weight. It can also assist the body in converting proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy and is necessary for healthy skin and eyes. B12 is already compounded into your Semaglutide medication. This means that you DO NOT need to take Vitamin B12 orally or receive extra injections of B12.
Follow up appointments: Included in your membership are unlimited follow up appointments as needed.
There is a telemedicine option where your appointment will be online. This appointment type is best for reporting side effects, discussing dosage changes and tolerance, discuss repeat lab findings, and whatever else is needed during your medical weight loss journey. You can book these as needed via your patient portal, just like any other appt.
The second option is in person follow up appt. This will be utilized at least once monthly to monitor and document vitals, weight loss and measurements. This type of appointment will most likely be pre-scheduled once monthly.