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Vitamin infusions and injections.

Vitamin Infusion & Injection Therapy

Vitamin IV infusions and injections directly administer critical micro-nutrients into the body, which bypasses the digestive system (where many nutrients are lost). IV nutrition is one of the most direct and effective means of delivering essential nutrients to your body at once, without the need to juggle countless bottles of vitamins, supplements, and powders. Vitamin infusions can replenish your body's needs, as well as treat common ailments such as hangovers, migraines, loss of energy, low metabolism, low immunity, etc. Some other common vitamin mixes can boost hydration, skin, hair and nail health, boost athletic performance, etc. See below for all the cocktails and boosters currently offered.

Vitamin Infusion Cocktails

Vitamin infusion treatments are 30 minutes to 1 hour appointments.

See pricing details when booking.

The Myers’ Cocktail.

The GOLD STANDARD for overall wellness. Ideal for increasing performance, recurrent sinus infections, jet lag, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, chronic inflammation, stress, difficulty sleeping, etc.

Contains: Magnesium | Calcium | B12 | B-complex | Vit C

The Pain Killer.

Ideal for pain, migraines and PMS symptoms. Relieve headaches, chronic or acute pain, muscle or back aches, abdominal cramping, joint pain, etc.

Contains: Magnesium | Calcium | B-complex | Vit C | B12

Includes Boosters: Ketorolac | Ondansetron | Dexamethasone

The Hangover Cure.

To prevent, reduce, or cure a hangover. Relieve nausea, headaches, body aches and pains, lack of energy, etc.

Contains: Magnesium | Calcium | B-complex | Vit C | B12

Includes Boosters: Famotidine | Ketorolac | Ondansetron | Dexamethasone

The Immunity Booster.

To prevent or recover from sickness. Whether it be the common cold, or the worst stomach bug you’ve had in a while, this infusion will help you recover fast!

Contains: Magnesium | Calcium | B12 | B-complex | Vit C | Zinc

The Brain Food Infusion.

Improves cognitive function, such as information processing, learning, and memory. Ideal for brain fog and issues with focus.

Contains: Pyridoxine (B6) | L-Taurine | Alpha-Lipoic Acid

The Bare Beauty Infusion.

Promotes glowing skin, hair and nails. Fights acne, wrinkles, thinning hair and brittle nails. A beautiful glow from the inside out.

Contains: Magnesium | Calcium | B12 | B-complex | Vit C | Biotin

Includes Boosters: Glutathione | Alpha-Lipoic Acid

The Skinny Drip.

Increase metabolism, boost energy, burn fat more efficiently, decrease hunger urges with The Skinny Drip.

Contains: Magnesium | Zinc | B-complex | Vitamin C

Includes Boosters: Glutathione | Alpha Lipoic Acid | B12

The Gym Rat Rehab.

Decrease recovery time and enhance performance with a unique blend of vasodilating amino acids that increase the delivery of fuel to your muscles for faster muscle growth

Contains: Ascorbic Acid | B-complex | Amino Acid Blend | Mineral Blend

Injection Boosters.

Add injections during your infusion appointment or schedule an injection only. Perfect for those that love a weekly B12 shot, or for those that don’t have time to relax with an infusion. See below for more details.

Vitamin Shot Bar Menu

Schedule injections separately or as add-ons to your infusion appointment.

See pricing details when booking.

B12 Shot

Increases energy, promotes healthy nerve cells, helps convert fat to energy.

Dose: 1 injection every 1-2 weeks.


Aids in burning fat and weight loss, as well as improves mental clarity.

Dose: 1 injection weekly.

Amino Blend

Amino acids boost muscle growth, improve recovery, & enhance performance.

Dose: 1 injection weekly.


Improve energy levels, brain function, and mental health.

Dose: 1 injection weekly.


A POWERFUL antioxidant that detoxes+ protects your body against free radicals.

Dose: 1 injection weekly.


Promotes healthy skin and nails, prevents hair loss, aids in weight loss.

Dose: 1 injection weekly.

Tri-immunity Boost

Maintain and boost your immunity. A good alternative to the Immunity infusion.

Dose: 1 injection weekly.

Lipo Shot

Burn fat more efficiently, increase energy, and suppress appetite. Pair with a B12 shot for the best results!

Dose: 1 injection weekly.

Private parties offered as well! Reach out to book or for more info!

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